Vanraj’s support for school authorities, Baa spoon-feeds Anupama

Anupama upcoming story

Star Plus popular serial Anupama is up for a new twist in the upcoming story after Anupama got shocked by the demand of school principal.

Previously, it was seen that Anupama gets shocked when the school principal orders Anupama to take the entire fire blame on herself.

Later, Vanraj and Pakhi also forces Anupama to accept the fire blame for the sake of Pakhi’s career.

Unaccepting the order makes Pakhi frustrated after which she leaves the home.

On all this, Vanraj decides to support the school management.

He goes and meets the school principal and tells them that he will support them at which the principal gets confident.

Not only this, he brings out a legal notice stating Anupama to be mentally unfit.

Such a reaction by Vanraj for saving Pakhi was really unexepected by the audience.

Anupama and Baa get emotional at Baa’s caretaking

After Anupama getting herself injured in the school fire, Baa’s unexpected reaction for Anupama makes both of them emotional.

Baa refuses Anupama to enter into the kitchen after which she herself handles all the household chores.

Not only she handles all of them, but also she takes care of Anupama by spoon feeding her every now and then.

She cooks and serves food to her which makes Anupama more emotional.

Now it would be quite interesting to see what all Anupama has to face after the school incident which will be seen in the upcoming serials.

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