Anupama’s victory on school fire incident, Upcoming Vanraj-Anupama divorce?

Anupama TV serial upcoming update

Star Plus popular serial Anupama is up for a new twist in the upcoming story after Anupama gets applause and appreciation for her bravery from all corners.

Initially, school principal along with Anupama and Vanraj come to the trustee’s office where Anupama is blamed for the entire fire incident.

Also, she is said to sign the documents for saving the reputation of the school.

At this point, Anupama mentions she is neither guilty nor she will sign any kind of document.

She also requests not to drag her daughter, Pakhi into the entire incident.

Later on, school trustee asks for any form of evidence to prove herself which Anupama doesn’t have.

To her luck, school kids come running into the office and tell that Anupama is nowhere guilty. The mistake was on their end.

All this saves Anupama at which she gets emotional and hugs the entire group of kids.

She gets applause and appreciation from the entire trustee and media and is also promised a letter of bravery.

Also, when she reaches home she gets a lot of appreciation from her family members.

Not only this, her picture is printed in the newspaper at which all of them felt proud of Anupama.

Anupama-Vanraj reaches the counsellor’s office

But this happiness is short-lived when both Anupama and Vanraj receive a notification from the counsellor for the divorce matter.

This upsets both of them but brings a smile to Kavya’s face.

The very next day they both reach the counsellor’s office for discussing the divorce matter.

Now in the upcoming serial, it would be interesting to see whether the threads of divorce between them become closer or widens which would be crucial for the viewers.

For more such updates and upcoming story, stay tuned with us.

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