Anupama’s School Catches Fire, Vanraj Enters The Scenario

Star Plus popular show Anupama

Star Plus popular serial Anupama is up for a new twist in the upcoming story after Anupama somehow managing to save school kids from the fire.

Earlier, in the serial it was seen that Anupama gets trapped in fire with the school kids.

Later on, Anupama finds a way by breaking the glass window with a pan and finally a way out of the deadly fire.

However, she managed to save all of them but while escaping herself from the fire at last she gets fainted and falls down on the floor.

As a result, she gets injured and tries hard to get out of that fire.

Vanraj rushes the school

Now amid the fire, Pakhi informs Vanraj about the tragedy after which he rushes to the school.

What do Vanraj have in his mind while entering the school premises and what will he do after knowing about the fire.

Now, further in the show, we will get to know his purpose and motive of entering in the school which will be showcased in the coming episodes.

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