Anupama-Vanraj Finally Divorced

Anupama upcoming story

Star Plus popular serial Anupama is up for a new emotional twist in the upcoming story after Anupama’s victory over the school fire incident.

Earlier it was seen that both Anupama and Vanraj get a notification from the counsellor for a meeting at which both of them felt sad.

Now, the next day both of them get ready for the meeting.

Baa tries to stop Anupama but she refuses her and moves on.

On the other hand, Kavya wanted to celebrate Vanraj’s birthday at their home but Pakhi wanted them to celebrate it at Anupama’s house.

Kavya explains to her that every time she celebrates it at Anupama’s place but this time she wants it to be celebrated at her home.

But, leaving this matter aside Vanraj leaves to the court.

Coincidently, they both reach the counsellor’s office at the same time.

They go inside the office and meet the counsellor.

The counsellor tries to explain to both of them not to take such a decision as they have 3 grown-up kids and a family.

All-in-all she tries to prevent them from taking divorce but couldn’t do so as Anupama had already made her decision and in no condition wanted to delay the matter.

She immediately signs the divorce paper but when it comes to Vanraj, he gets anxious and emotional while signing the papers.

However, later on, he also signs the papers.

Anupama & Vanraj finally separated

Finally, both of them end up being divorced which is a very emotional moment for the audience and no one really wanted them to do so.

However, now after their divorce, it would be interesting to see whether they meet each other or not and are there any chances of both being reunited.

Do let us know what you think? For more such updates of the serial, stay tuned with us.

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