Anupama starts a new relationship with Vanraj, Pakhi gets angry

Anupama upcoming story

Earlier, it was seen that Vanraj comes home for celebrating his birthday.

At one point, suddenly both of them meet in their bedroom which creates awkwardness among both of them.

But after that Anupama explains to Vanraj the importance of different types of roses and lately offers him a white rose symbolises peace and respect for each other.

Finally, Vanraj accepts the rose which meant he also wanted a fresh start to their relationship
After all this, both return back to the party.

Pakhi splashes cold drink on Kavya

Now, it will be seen that how Pakhi gets angry at Kavya and splashes cold drink on her face.

The drama begins when Kavya tries to trigger Pakhi by saying that she can’t stop her from being with Vanraj.

In return, Pakhi says to her that she knows her dad is not happy with her.

Also, Pakhi promises Kayva that she will do everything possible to keep her away from Vanraj.

All this keeps on going when suddenly Pakhi gets super angry and splashes the cold drink in the face of Kavya.

After this insult, Kavya tries to be innocent in front of everybody at which Vanraj scolds Pakhi for her ill-manners.

In the upcoming story, it would be interesting to see whether Pakhi will be successful in bringing Kavya’s real picture in front of everybody or will Kavya step in closer to Vanraj’s heart.

Stay tuned with us for more updates on the serial.

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