Anupama: School Principal’s demand, Vanraj-Pakhi forces Anupama to accept the fire blame

Anupama upcoming story

Star Plus popular serial Anupama is up for a new twist in the upcoming story after Anupama got injured and was taken to the hospital by Vanraj and Samar.

Later on, school principal goes to Anupama’s house and says that the entire fire game was planned by Anupama at which she gets shocked.

Not only this, but the principal also tells her to sign the apology papers and take the fire blame upon herself.

Such an order by school principal makes Anupama shocked at which she denies to accept the blame.

But in return, she promises Anupama to give 1 month of paid leave with double salary.

Pakhi takes signature of Anupama

Later, Pakhi and Vanraj tell Anupama to sign the papers for the sake of her career as well as her daughter’s career.

She strictly refuses and reminds Pakhi that she is thinking for the welfare of the entire family and school.

But Pakhi forcefully takes a thumb impression of Anupama on the apology papers.

Now, it would be interesting to see what will be the likely outcomes of signing the papers and will Pakhi submit the papers to the school board or not which will be showcased in the upcoming serial.

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