Anupama: Pakhi runs away, Vanraj-Anupama get tensed

Anupama Upcoming Twist

Star Plus popular serial Anupama is up for a new dramatic twist in the upcoming story after Anupama and Vanraj finally got divorced.

Earlier in the show, it is seen that Kavya plans and wishes Vanraj his birthday.

Pakhi on the other hand was already upset by both Vanraj and Kavya as she had requested them to celebrate Vanraj’s birthday in Anupama’s house.

Opposite to this, Kavya requested Vanraj to celebrate his birthday alone without anyone’s involvement.

Also, she says to Vanraj if he could leave Pakhi at Anupama’s house so that they won’t get disturbed.

Hearing all this, Pakhi gets depressed and sad as she was not happy with the attitude of Kayva towards her.

Pakhi got upset and runs away

Such behaviour by Kavya leads Pakhi to leave her home as she runs away and thinks of the happier days spent with Anupama.

On the other hand, Anupama feels discomfort on which she calls Vanraj and requests him to give the call to Pakhi.

But, Vanraj tells to Anupama that she is not with them.

All this situation makes Anupama more tensed and she starts searching for missing Pakhi.

Now, it would be interesting to see in what condition Pakhi meets them and after all this will she return to Kavya’s place or will think about living with Anupama.

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