Anupama gets fainted, Samar and Vanraj takes her to the hospital

Star Plus popular show Anupama

Star Plus popular serial Anupama is up for a new twist in the upcoming story after Anupama got fainted on the floor with fire around her.

Earlier, after escaping the school kids from fire, Anupama herself got stuck after she fell down in the room and was unable to get herself out of the fire.

Later on, when Pakhi hears the news, she gets shocked by her mother getting fainted and in the fire.

Vanraj and Samar rush to the school

Pakhi immediately tells Vanraj and Samar about the incident after which all of them come rushing to the school.

They try to enter in the class but couldn’t find a way to enter into it.

Later, Samar tries to wake Anupama by calling her from the window after which she somehow regains consciousness.

However, she manages to get an escape route out of the class.

Seeing Anupama, Samar and Vanraj feel relieved but later because of her injury she again feels down on the floor.

At this point, both of them go running towards her.

Samar and Vanraj lifts Anupama and rush to the hospital.

Now in the upcoming story, it would be really interesting to see how does Kavya feels when she sees Vanraj worried for Anupama.

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