Neevalle Neevalle: Upcoming Serial Update, Arjun talks to Subhadra?

Neevalle Neevalle Upcoming Serial Update

Until this part of the serial, Preethi’s plan successfully works out and on her request, Rocky attends dinner at Subhadra’s house.

The way he behaves with her hurts everybody in the house.

Arjun Prasad talks to Rocky but he demands an apology from him to Baba.

In the meanwhile, Preethi tells rocky to politely talk to their parents.

Subhadhra and Arjun are most likely to continue their relationship with Preethi.

Will Arjun listen to Preethi and talk to Subhadra?

Arjun Prasad blames Baba for his careless behavior after which he doesn’t even want to apologize to him.

Later in the serial, Preethi reveals her father’s identity to Rocky.

In the upcoming part of the serial, it will very interesting to know whether Rocky listens to Preethi and talk to Subhadra or not.

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