Neevalle Neevalle: Upcoming Serial Update, Will Rishi Marry Preethi?

Neevalle Neevalle Upcoming Serial

Neevalle Neevalle is up for a new twist when Pranavi tries to impress and talk to Rocky.

In the meanwhile, Arjun Prasad feels elated about their growing friendship.

Arjun and Subhadra decide to invite guests to introduce Rocky but, Subhadra feels tensed about his behavior.

On the contrary, Rocky enters Preethi’s room while she is getting ready.

Later, Pranavi comes to Preethi’s room for an earing that Rocky hides in the wardrobe which leaves her in a panic situation.

Arjun Prasad and Subhadra invite guests and Preethi feels happy for Rocky for waring the suit which is gifted by her mother Subhadra.

In the meanwhile, Arjun Prasad introduces Rishi and tries to fix Preethi’s marriage with him.

What will be Rocky’s next move after Rishi’s behaviour with Preethi?

Arjun Prasad introduces Rishi to Preethi. Rocky gets violent when Rishi tries to impress Preethi.

It will be quite interesting to know about Rocky’s next move after seeing Rishi.

For more interesting updates on the serial, stay tuned with us.

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