Kasthuri: Upcoming Serial Update, Madhu Prakash knows the truth of Rajini?

Kasthuri upcoming serial update.

Until now, while Kasturi is preparing food, she thinks of her father Madhu Prakash and the way he behaved to make her sign the property papers.

In the meanwhile, Rajini comes to the kitchen and sees that Kasturi‚Äôs saree is burning, as she cannot get up she shouts towards Kasturi but she couldn’t hear due to the sound of the blender.

So she tries to get up and spills water on the fire.

Kasturi helps Rajini to get up and takes her to the room.

This gave Kasturi an idea that she stood up from the chair for Kasturi, she may stand up and walk like everyone.

So she took her to the hospital for a checkup.

Docter checked Rajini’s health condition and says that she can walk like everyone but a small surgery is needed.

Parandhamaiah says that he will arrange the money for surgery.

Will Madhu Prakash get to know the truth about Rajini?

Kasturi feels happy for her mother Rajini when Doctor reveals her health condition.

Later, she thanks Parandhamaiah for helping her.

Other than this, Madhu Prakash also visits the hospital.

It will be interesting to see Madhu Prakash’s next move after knowing about the health condition of Rajini

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