Kasthuri: Upcoming Serial Update, Kasthuri Signs Property Papers?

Kasthuri upcoming serial story.

Kasthuri is a Romantic and Drama serial telecasted by Star Maa TV.

The story revolves around a medical student Kasthuri.

In the previous episodes, Mamtha was able to execute the plan accordingly as discussed with Parandhamaiah.

The point was if he transfers the property to his name from Kasthuri, he will be stuck in huge trouble when he goes to jail as he went earlier.

The lawyer concludes that there is a 100% chance to lose the property at that time, then Madhu Prakash decides not to transfer property to his name at this moment.

Parandhamaiah and Kasthuri felt happy since their plan got executed successfully and spends
some lovely time together.

Will Kasthuri sign the property papers?

While Kasthuri is on her way to meet Paramdhamaiah, Madhu Prakash finds Kasthuri on his way and asks her if he can drop her on his way to the office.

She unwillingly accepts and goes with Madhu Prakash.

Madhu Prakash stops the car suddenly and demands Kasthuri to sign the property papers.

It will be interesting to know whether Kasthuri signs the property papers or she will cleverly get rid of that situation.

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