Kasthuri: Upcoming Serial Alert, Will Kasthuri’s plan work?

Kasthuri Upcoming Serial

Star Maa’s popular TV serial Kasthuri is up for another twist.

Previously it was seen that Kasthuri and Parandhamaiah try to save her mother Rajini.

For that reason, they went to a hotel where she has been hidden and finally found her.

They both take Rajini out of the hotel. On the other hand, Mamtha gets frightened when Madhu Prakash doubts her for revealing the plan to Kasthuri.

Later he decides that Mamtha can’t do that because of her respect towards Madhu Prakash.

Then he calls Kasthuri and warns her but in return, she warns him for his misbehaviour towards her and her mother.

Kasthuri also mentions that she is going to give him a huge surprise for such behaviour.

What will be Madhu Prakash’s next move when he sees Kasthuri and Rajini in his house?

Kasthuri decides to move to her father’s house and stay there along with her mother.

Madhu Prakash gets frightened when Kasthuri and her mother enter the house.

It will be quite interesting to know Madhu Prakash’s next move when he sees Kasthuri and Rajini.

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