Janaki Kalaganaledu: Back to the TRP Race with New Twist

Janaki Kalaganaledu is a TV serial telecasted on Star Maa.
Image Credits: Star Maa

Janaki Kalaganaledu serial which aired on Star Maa TV serial, a Hindi remake of ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’, is again leading the charts with its latest twist.

In the series, Rama goes in search of Janaki as she has left the house. When Jnanamba puts a condition of looking after son and leaves her dream to become IPS.

When Rama finds her crying near the street Rama asks Janaki to come with him. But she refuses as she doesn’t want to create a rift between him and Jnanamba.

She agrees to come when Rama forces her to come out of respect.

Will Rama and Janaki be happy with Jnanamba’s decision?

When both Rama and Janaki enter the house together everyone gets surprised.

Mallika is angry at Rama For bringing back Janaki. She waited for Jnanamba’s outburst.

But when Rama pointed out his decision about fulfilling the responsibility of Janaki’s husband, Jnanamba gets shocked to see her son’s behavior.

When Rama said if she doesn’t want Janaki to be in her house he too can leave with his wife. She remains silent for some time and reveals her decision.

It will be interesting to know more about Jnanamba’s decision in the upcoming days.

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