Intiki Deepam Illalu: Upcoming Serial Update, Setting up the Ritual

Intiki Deepam Illalu upcoming serial story

In the previous serial story, Rajeshwari gets a new saree for herself which she really loved and even wanted to wear it desperately.

In the meanwhile, Rashi unintentionally spoils Rajeshwari’s saree.

By this, Rajeshwari gets furious at Rashi for spoiling her beautiful saree.

On the other hand, Jairam gets tensed for Krishna and Manu.

She wants Krishna and Manu to perform a religious ritual together, so she calls a priest to fix a division of time to perform the ritual.

But Manu refuses to take part in this, but all the family members along with Jairam convince him to perform the ritual along with Krishna.

Will the ritual complete successfully?

In the later part of the serial, Maheshwari gets panic when robbers snatch her bag. She gets afraid of them.

On the other hand, Hema gets upset when she is being continuously avoided by Manohar.

In the meantime, many trials are been taken by Hema to stop the ritual ceremony.

It will be exciting to know whether the ritual gets completed successfully by Krishna and Manu.

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