Intiki Deepam Illalu: Upcoming Serial Update, Jairam gets Shocked

Intiki Deepam Illalu upcoming serial updates

Intiki Deepam Illalu is the latest drama serial telecasted on Star Maa TV in which the whole story revolves around two persons Krishna Manohar and Krishna Priya.

It is again at the top of the charts with its latest twists and turns.

Damayanti makes evil plans to break the family and on the other hand, Rajeshwari wants to know the actual truth about Krishna and Manohar so she decides to learn that truth at any cost.

What made Jairam take aback?

While Maheshwari is on her way with her evil plans and plots which a priest suggests to her.

Other than this, Damayanti and Rashi make plans to trouble Krishna.

While Harsha knows about Damayanti, he warns her to stay away from his family.

In the meantime, Jairam gets so shocked. At last, what made Jairam taken aback?

It will be interesting to know the fact behind what Jairam found that made him so shocked

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