Care of Anasuya: Upcoming Story, Chandu’s next step?

Care of Anasuya Upcoming Story

Until now, Pavani gives a surprise to Shivani on her birthday, but later she reveals that this surprise was actually planned and given by Chandu.

When Shivani saw Chandu at the party and hurts him with her words.

In the meanwhile, Anasuya visits Veeraraghava’s house and she came to know that a party is being held at her house.

She returns to her house along with Verraraghava and spots Chandu at the party.

Later, she blames Chandu for everything that has happened in the past.

Chandu touches Anasuya’s feet and asks for forgiveness, but Anasuya pushes him away from her and warns him not to visit their house next time.

On the Other hand, Veeraraghava and Madhavi plan to send Chandu out of the village.

Will Rayudu allow Shivani to manage the farm after her warning?

When Shivani and Pavani along with Chittavathi visit the farm, they come closer to the fact that Rayudu is restricting them from visiting the farm.

Shivani warns Rayudu not to involve in their business and personal matters.

It will be very interesting to know Rayudu’s next step after listening to Shivani’s warning.

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